Don’t Replace Your Old Furniture Rejuvenate it With Furniture Upholstering

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Many homes are adorned with upholstered furniture. It could be fairly modern furniture pieces that are covered in material, or they might be old antique items that have been handed down as family heirlooms. Whatever the case may be, your furniture will only stay looking great if it is maintained and cared for.

Generally this style of furniture is more aesthetically pleasing, goes well with other decor and floor and window coverings, and is highly fashionable when done right. Think about a long lounge with smart stitching that reduces visible seams, or armchairs with buttoned upholstery. It can actually look quite stunning as well as unique. Even the bedhead can be upholstered.


Give Your Upholstered Furniture Some TLC

You probably give your furniture a bit of clean every now and then, but to really keep it healthy and looking its very best, arrange to have it professionally maintained on a regular basis. If your furniture upholstery is suffering any form of damage, have it repaired before the damage gets any worse. Expert deep cleaning of the fabric is also required to remove a build up of grime as a result of sweat, oils, spills and dropped food items.


Rejuvenate Your Tired Old Upholstery

If your old furniture is worth restoring, then definitely breathe new life into it by getting it restored by an expert. Cheap furniture won’t warrant this process, but more expensive furniture, or antique furniture, will definitely reap the benefits of this process and it will be well worth it.

Whether you have a:

  • Lounge chair
  • Ottoman
  • Lounge
  • Bedhead
  • Foot stool
  • Dining room chairs

All of these items can be fully rejuvenated with beautiful, fresh fabric, bringing them up like brand new again without detracting from their unique personality and attributes. Keep it old style, but with new fabric, or bring the design into the 21st century with modern fabrics and patterns. The choice is yours.


Murrays Interiors – Your Local Upholstery Experts

We know interiors and we know upholstery. Let our upholstery expert make over  your old furniture, or simply help to maintain it so it looks its very best.

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