How to Get ideas for Home Decorating

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You have the urge to do some home decorating, but are short of ideas. Where do you look for inspiration?


Study the Homes You Visit

These may be the homes of family members, your friends, or even prize homes where you can purchase tickets to possibly win it. When you study the decor, colour schemes and arrangements in existing homes first-hand, it makes it much easier to see how everything blends together, what works and what obviously doesn’t. Your own tastes and style will certainly come into the equation, but if you’re stuck for ideas, pay extra attention to the homes you visit and see what resonates with you.


The Internet is Your Best Friend

There are endless sources of inspiration for home decorating on the internet. Even the occasional Facebook post from a friend will reveal some stunning home design that has been shared via social media.

The web abounds with home decorating and interior design websites that you can browse for infinite ideas and inspiration. Looking at sites like these will really spark your thinking and get those creative juices flowing.


Don’t Forget the Windows

Windows and glass sliding doors are a real focal point of any home, largely due to the fact that in the daytime these are the main light source. This naturally draws attention to the window areas and their coverings.

Quality blinds and stylish curtains can really make or break the overall appearance of a room. You want your blinds and curtains to be practical, but also in tune with your tastes and be aesthetically pleasing as well.

If you are going to decorate the home or are thinking about a renovation, definitely factor in updating your blinds and curtains.


Drop Into Murrays Interiors for More Inspiration

One of the very best ways to find ideas for home decorating is to talk to some interior design experts; people who have been involved in the business for many years and have a passion for the subject.

You will find this and more when you visit or call Murrays Interiors in Brisbane. Our friendly team love all things interior and we specialise in:

  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Awnings
  • Upholstery
  • Shutters
  • Wallpaper

Team up with us for more inspiration, advice and cool new ideas to rejuvenate your indoor space.

While we are happy to help out anyone in Australia, our focus is Brisbane: Mitchelton, Ashgrove, Paddington, Fig Tree Pocket, Bridgeman Downs.

Get in touch today and have a discussion with one of our expert staff. We’ll help create a vision and bring it to life.