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Finishing touches that stand out

We can assist you with beautiful curtains, blinds, shutters, wallpaper and upholstery for your Paddington Home

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your existing home or simply updating your décor, call Murrays Interiors to discuss your options.

When you consider the walls and windows in your home are a substantial portion of each room, it makes sense to add quality curtains, blinds, shutters and wallpaper as they will serve to enhance the focal points.

Keeping heat in or keeping heat out is something that you should consider when dressing your windows with curtains, blinds and shutters. Going for look over functionality can be a costly mistake. At Murrays Interiors, you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other in your Paddington home.

Wallpaper is on-trend, and can add some texture to an otherwise boring wall. With upholstery designed to mix and match, we can transform your Paddington home with a few simple changes.

Draw upon our experience when choosing curtains for your Paddington home

Renovating or updating, it’s sometimes hard to get everything to coordinate – not with Murrays Interiors. We can steer you in the right direction of what will help you achieve your desired result.

Any decorator or interior designer will tell you, curtains can make or break a room.

What are the key element in choosing the right curtains for your Paddington home?

Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains for your Paddington home. This will dictate how much light is allowed in and how they will sit on your window.

The length of curtains is important. Speak to our consultants, we have some great tricks for adding height and features to your windows.

The width is also very important, curtains should draw properly without too much excess material.

Whether you want to take advantage of our full measure, make and install service, or you just want to purchase from our wide library of curtain fabric we have consultants available to help you make the right choice.

Blinds come in many shapes, sizes and colours for your Paddington home

Blinds have evolved over the years and can themselves be features that can transform a room.  With so many options, it can become overwhelming. Speak to our consultant and ensure you are getting the right blinds for your needs.

We’re have more than 30 years’ experience to draw on.

Shutters can give you elegance and privacy in your Paddington home

Plantation shutters are great for privacy, with the tilt of a shutter you can shut the world and the light out, but you have the freedom to open them up again. Made to last, plantation shutters are available in timber, aluminium and polymer.

Awnings can add a feature to your Paddington home

By preventing the sun entering your home, you will become much more energy efficient. With the substantial change in cooling, you will notice power bills dropping and your general home environment significantly cooler and more comfortable.

Transform your upholstery 

Another great way to update your home is to re-upholster old and tired furniture. If you have a piece of furniture in Paddington that could do with a refresh speak with our upholster and see how a feature piece can enhance your home.

Call Murrays Interiors today and see how we can assist you.