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Discover an extensive range of custom-made curtain tracks and rods on display in our Brisbane showroom. We source purpose-designed solutions from trusted brands, including Elegant Ends, Kingtrack, Oslo, Silent Gliss, Somfy and Vanda. Whether going for a traditional or modern look, we can help you bring your vision to life.

Single and Double Curtain Tracks

Designed to hold curtains and allow them to slide smoothly along a track, this long, narrow piece of hardware isn’t typically considered a primary decorative element. However, it can make all the difference in how your curtains look, feel, and function, so it’s vital to make an informed decision. 

At Murrays Interiors, all of our custom curtain tracks are made to your measurements and supplied complete with brackets for easy installation. We carry single and double hand-drawn curtain tracks engineered from durable aluminium available in square, rectangular, and round profiles. 

Consider double tracks if you want to add 2 layers of curtains to your windows. In addition, a double track will give you more flexibility to mix up curtains, drapes, and heading styles

Track Installation:

Installation, you can choose between two options – ceiling or face fix. The former involves installing the tracks directly into the ceiling, so you can hang the curtains from a higher position. This gives an illusion of taller windows and creates a sense of a more spacious room. The latter is installed on the wall above the window frame when there’s no option to fix the track to the ceiling or when the window is recessed. 

Track Colours

Colour-wise, you can pick among white, black, cream, silver, and platinum finish to ensure it complements your interior’s colour scheme nicely.

Single and Double Curtain Rods

Curtain rods feature a long cylindrical profile that sits on brackets attached to the ceiling or wall. Since they are more visible than tracks, the style and finish are often deciding factors. At Murrays Interiors, we offer hand-drawn single and double curtain rods in a variety of aluminium powder coat colour options. You can also select between timber-stained or painted finish to suit your preferences and interior. 

If you decide to get double curtain rods, you can mix or match the front and the back curtain type. With decorative end finials for extra flair, curtain rods can add a new dimension to your window treatments. To further customise the final look, you can choose from a range of curtain rings and track runners.

Bay Window Curtain Tracks (Bent)

Our premium bay window tracks are a purpose-designed and practical solution for those looking to dress their bay windows. We offer custom bent options on-site and in the factory with standard 45/90 and custom angles available to suit windows of various shapes and sizes. When it comes to the operation, you can choose between manual and motorised options.

Motorised Curtain Tracks

Our motorised curtain tracks are a great solution for anyone looking for convenience and ease of use. Available in both battery and hard-wired motor options, our automated curtain tracks allow for remote control via an app on your phone or home automation system. 

By incorporating the innovative Somfy motors, we can provide you with a reliable and secure hands-free option for curtain control. Somfy curtain track motors feature a manual override for added peace of mind in the event of a power outage or other issues. If such a problem arises, you can control and adjust the curtains manually. 

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