Tips for creating your ultimate bedroom oasis

October 16, 2018by Murray's Interiors

The bedroom is a very special place. It’s like our very own personal sanctuary. While every other room in the home is shared, the bedroom is all about us as individuals (or couples). This room gives each of us the opportunity to create a personal space that has our own signature stamped on it, and in this article, we’ll briefly touch on a few tips to turn your bedroom into your ultimate oasis.

It’s All About the Lighting

In a way lighting is everything. Different lighting can create a different ambience and mood. Bright lights are hardly relaxing, but definitely necessary at times. Softer lighting from lamps and candles definitely makes for a more soothing and calming atmosphere. If it’s the master bedroom being shared by a couple, then mood lighting can definitely lend itself to a little romance.

The lighting in your bedroom can also be affected by the type of curtains or blinds you have on your windows, both during the day and at night time.

Try and avoid any use of fluorescent lighting in the bedroom.

Window Coverings

If you like to keep your bedroom nice and dark so the street lights at night or the rising of the sun doesn’t penetrate your bedroom oasis and wake you up, then you will want to factor in the type of blinds or curtains you choose. Sure, you will want particular colours and styles, but you will also want them to be of the blockout variety.

Many blinds and curtains come in these fabrics and materials, so it doesn’t really matter whether you prefer curtains or blinds for your bedroom. There is a blockout range in both, specifically designed for the bedroom space.

The Colour Scheme

This will really come down to personal taste, but whether it’s the wall colours, the hues of your decor or floor coverings, you want the colours to be restful. Bright and garish colours don’t lend themselves to making one feel sleepy and peaceful. Blue is calming, as is green. Earthy colours like browns also work well. White, light grey and beige are neutral, and can really work in any room in the home.


You want a feeling of space, which lends itself to a sense of luxury, adding to the oasis feel. Don’t cram the bedroom up with too much furniture and too many objects. Also don’t try and squeeze a king sized bed into a smallish room. You want to be free and easy in your bedroom oasis. Soft, plush carpet underfoot definitely adds to that feeling of decadent luxury.

Add Personal Touches

It’s your personal space, so be sure to add touches of your own personality and individuality to your bedroom. Keep the area uncluttered, but do decorate it with some things you love that are essentially you. An example could be a small bookcase with all the books you adore, set up beside a reading chair.

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