What are plantation shutters and why would I want them

November 16, 2018by Murray's Interiors

Although a form of plantation shutters can be dated back as far as the ancient Greeks, the more modern era design was developed during their use on plantation homes in America’s deep south. Because of the hot, humid conditions, the louvres were designed to allow cool air inside as well as light.

What are the advantages of installing plantation shutters in your home?


One particular style of plantation shutter is made from a polymer, which is a non-toxic, compressed foam. The advantage of these is their ability to insulate a room when closed, keeping warmth in during winter and the hot air out in summer. Other materials used are timber (best for indoors) and aluminium plantation shutters.

They Look Good

Visual appeal is just as important as functionality and plantation shutters really do look sleek and stylish. Their appearance is quite timeless and really never looks dated. As they come in different colours, materials and finishes, they blend well with all types of decor when used internally, and look fantastic on the outside of the home.

The Louvres Are Adjustable

Plantation shutters have adjustable louvres very similar to that of Venetian blinds. This gives you great light control, being able to let in as much natural light as you desire. The louvres also give you the ability to direct the angle of airflow when a nice breeze in blowing through the window. When the louvres are angled up, they will still allow air inside while offering complete privacy.

Plantations Shutters Are Versatile

Depending on what you prefer, plantation shutters can be hinged, Bi-fold or sliding. When custom built, they can be made to fit just about any window, no matter what its shape or size. Timber shutters can either be painted or stained for a more natural look. This type of shutter will enhance any home, whether used outdoors or in. They not only look awesome, but are extremely practical as well.

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