What colour blinds or curtains should you choose

November 16, 2018by Murray's Interiors

Making a final decision on the colour of your new blinds and curtains will depend on a number of factors. Let’s look at some of the things that will influence your choices.

The Actual Room

You might decide to go the uniform route and put the same blinds or curtains in every room and have them all the same colour. Many homes are set up this way, but often different types of rooms beg for different colour schemes. In a bedroom you might want darker colours to help keep the light out, or a bedroom might be painted a different colour to the others and therefore requires blinds or curtains to either match or contrast harmoniously. An entertainment room or bar area could be better suited to brighter, more vibrant colours.

The Mood Your Want to Create

Colour is all about creating a mood as much as anything else. Bedrooms are a relaxing environment and the colours in the room could have an affect on some people’s ability to rest and sleep. Generally a family room is a place of socialising, entertainment and fun, so more upbeat and happy colours for curtains or blinds can work well. Of lot of homes tend to go the neutral route and choose white, beige or pale hues that can suit any mood or feel.

Matching the Decor

The colour of the blinds could be chosen to be similar to that of the furnishings, wall coverings and carpets or tiles, or you might decide on curtains that are in complimentary contrast to the decor. Black and white are two extremes, but always work well together. Red with blue or green tends to clash. In a living area you can’t really go wrong with white blinds or curtains, or ones that are a very light and neutral colour.

One trick is to choose a colour you fancy from the patterns on your furniture, floor or a wall hanging and go with that for your curtains or blinds.

Match Colours to Your Personality and Unique Taste

All things considered, there aren’t really any strict rules. You have your own personality and unique style, so go with what feels right for you. If you originally chose the colours of everything else in a room, more than likely you will end up with a good match if you choose curtains and blinds in hues that suit your personality.

If you would like some help colour coordinating your blinds or curtains with the rest of your home, the experienced and expert staff at Murrays Interiors are here to help. Gives us a call or drop into our magnificent showroom in Mitchelton, Brisbane.